1. i really want a fish tacos & butterscotch soda. 

    update: i’m eating cheez-its & water.


  2. the majority of the reason i drink is to feel the depth of my emotions. 


  3. it’s so sunny i don’t want to be at work right nowwwww :(


  4. i tried to change my pic on here to a pic i just took an hour ago bc i thought i looked cool in it but i clicked logout instead of settings so i think tumblr & alcohol tried to tell me a thing. 


  5. for the majority of 1998 i went around with my hair in pigtails, eating lollipops, & wearing platform shoes bc baby spice. 

    is it cool to wear pigtails in 2014 yet?


  6. this one time i had a dream i couldn’t find parking around my house, so i was all “oh, i’ll just park on the moon.” so i drove my car to the moon & parked it there. 

  7. ayellowstateofmind:

    Imagine stabbing someone with this knife. 

    (Source: picapixels)

  8. you guys i just made THE greatest late nite purchase. 


  9. is this drought over yet, i wanna take a bubble bath. 


  10. i was replying to a fb msg this morning from this guy & i wanted to do the “x_x” face but i wanted to be more chill & i remembered how i once saw someone use something like “x” or “xx” at the end of a fb msg so i was like oh hey i’ll do that. but then at the last moment i realized i should google the meaning bc i’ve had way too many awkward incidents of saying shit i only assume the meaning of & x’s are kind of a sketch letter, & thank god i did google bc it def conveys something i did not intend. 

  11. titsmcgrits:


    Tapes and tapes and tapes

    Is it weird that I’m kind of aroused?

    (via hipstermusings)

  12. i’m too into the first minute of this. that bass.


  13. i wanna watch twin peaks right now, but i also wanna watch seinfeld right now, & i also wanna listen to health & watch john famiglietti dance, & also paint pictures to put on my wall. WHAT TO DO.


  14. i’m at java beach & it’s like a techie haven in here. when did this happen? so many macbooks…