1. misplacedland:


    do you ever think about who you’d be shipped with if your life was a tv show 

    i do now

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  2. i was considering watching the walking dead right now bc my friend jeff keeps trying to get me to watch it. then i remembered how my parent’s lawyer friend told me it was her fave show & described it’s depth & brilliance by explaining how it was more than just a show about people avoiding zombies.

    so now i’m watching shaun of the dead bc i just want to watch people who say funny things avoid zombies.  


  3. the first saturday night in months i can go out without worrying about getting up early for work sunday morning & i’m just way too tired to do anything but lay in bed. what a wasssteeee. 

  4. i want a pet raccoon. can raccoons love me? i want a raccoon to love me. & do cute summersaults in my room. 


  5. i went into the kitchen to find something to eat but i couldn’t, so i made hot chocolate. but now i’m in my room & i don’t really want this hot chocolate & i’m realizing i only made it bc i needed something to do, but really i wanna go buy beer & popcorn from the grocery store 2 blocks away with the cute cashiers.


  6. half a string of christmas lights i still have up in my room just blew out! :(((((((

    this sucks.


  7. i really want a fish tacos & butterscotch soda. 

    update: i’m eating cheez-its & water.


  8. the majority of the reason i drink is to feel the depth of my emotions. 


  9. it’s so sunny i don’t want to be at work right nowwwww :(


  10. i tried to change my pic on here to a pic i just took an hour ago bc i thought i looked cool in it but i clicked logout instead of settings so i think tumblr & alcohol tried to tell me a thing. 


  11. for the majority of 1998 i went around with my hair in pigtails, eating lollipops, & wearing platform shoes bc baby spice. 

    is it cool to wear pigtails in 2014 yet?


  12. this one time i had a dream i couldn’t find parking around my house, so i was all “oh, i’ll just park on the moon.” so i drove my car to the moon & parked it there. 

  13. ayellowstateofmind:

    Imagine stabbing someone with this knife. 

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  14. you guys i just made THE greatest late nite purchase. 


  15. is this drought over yet, i wanna take a bubble bath.