1. me

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  2. beaches are dumb. 


  3. i’m on my way to lake tahoe with my family. we’ve only been driving for 30 mins & already experienced a minor family breakdown when the gps started malfunctioning. this is really going to be a super fun trip.


  4. being sick sucks. every part of my body is incredibly sore bc i couldn’t sleep at all last night, & as tired as i am now, i still can’t fall asleep bc every part of my body hurts. sigh.


  5. i just shed a tear watching freaky friday by myself. i think i might need a life. 

  6. i’ve gotten to the sad point where the bottom half of this is actually kinda true. also! it used to say i was more cool which i took pride in, but that must’ve disappeared right around the time i decided hanging out by myself & never leaving my room was a cool thing. yyeah.


  7. missinglinc:

    relationship status: slept with laundry I was too lazy to fold

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  8. i’m kinda really over this bug problem at my house. someone invite me to live with you for a week. 


  9. i have so many bug bites all over my body it looks like i have chicken pox. v attractive. 


  10. "super cool" is my new catchphrase. 


  11. aperol tastes like orange jello. 


  12. debating whether you’re drunk enough to send questionable messages.



  13. someone called me “snooty.” um, i’m poor & drink by myself all the time. i don’t think i’m allowed to be snooty. 

  14. i’m pretty happy right now.


  15. i just drank a pabst & i finally think it’s gross. does this mean i’m grown up now?!